Go back to Test Drive III: The Passion

Written by: Rik

Date posted: September 21, 2013

You could get some lovely windmill-themed scenery packs for Test Drive II: The Duel, and the tradition of data disks continued with the sequel, although only one – Road & Car – was ever released.

Road & Car gives you another route – Cape Cod to Niagara – and a couple of extra cars (Acura NSX and Dodge Stealth) to race with. The cars don’t add much, although there are a couple of new dashboards to admire, but the new route does seem to be a bit more enjoyable to drive on than the one provided in the main game, with a few more opportunities to get up some speed and enjoy the open road.

Whether it was worth forking out the RRP for back in the day is a moot point, but if you’re going to check out Test Drive III these days, you may as well hunt this out too and get a second lot of races to play through.