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I love Paris, in the fall

Hello. Our series of retrospective discussions continues, as Stoo, Jo and myself take a look back at Broken Sword. We hope you’re enjoying these, and hope to do more, but watch out for some brand-new reviews in the near future.

Bravery is not a function of firepower

Hello all. Because we like playing at features that proper professional gaming magazines and websites do, we’re continuing our series of discussion reviews. The idea is to revisit some of the games we’ve covered in the past 10 years, to celebrate this site lasting that long (hurrah for us). So far we’ve covered an ancient […]

The linesman has raised his…flag

Good evening. Tonight, as part of our 10-year anniversary-thing, we continue our look back over some of our favourite games, and reviews, of the past. This time, Stoo and I talk about Puma World Football. Hope you enjoy it – there’s more to come.

Looking back

As you may or may not know, FFG is now 10 years old. Given that we’ve unexpectedly managed to make it to this fairly significant milestone, it seems only right that we try and mark it in some way. We’ve got several things planned. Exactly how many of these things will come to fruition depends […]

Happy birthday, to me

Hi there. Did you know that we’re 10 years old this year? Well, we are. No, don’t you worry about a present. We’ve got a few things planned. The first thing we’re going to try, though, is a series of discussions of some of our previously-reviewed games on the site, starting with 4D Sports: Driving […]

Baldur’s Gate

If you look at our content sorted by genre, you’ll notice that the RPG section is looking rather thin. Which is a little embarrassing as it’s supposed to be one of my specialities and god knows Rik has put in enough hours on his own specialities like racing. Also, of what we do have, a […]