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Soundtracks: Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Soundtracks is where we take a look back at the use of licensed music in games. Go here if you want to know more. Today’s game is Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, which is probably the last football game I bought with a sense of genuine expectation that I would devote hours to the career mode, […]

Moments in Gaming: Ximelez and Castolo

The Master League, Pro Evolution Soccer‘s career mode, was a source of many lost hours during the early-mid 00s. Taking control of the team of your choice (which, depending on your loyalties and the licensing issues of that year’s edition, may be a real club with authentic kits or an approximation with a borderline ludicrous […]

Vault of Regret: Sensible Soccer

I’m not particularly proud of the fact that Sensible Soccer and I have never got on. Even our first, rather negative, mention of the series in the form of a now ancient review of Sensible World Of Soccer (which comes close to being filed under “20-something delights in mildly controversial opinion” or “that thing you […]

It’s in the game

I like football games, possibly more than I actually like football. A couple of matches in the evening after work during the week is one of life’s simple pleasures. But recently I’ve found it difficult to find a footy game I can get on with. Not since PES 2008 (which. depending on your point of […]

Good evening everyone, I AM Terry Butcher

It’s the Euros! And in an attempt to build excitement for the forthcoming action, the BBC has compiled a series of video highlights of memorable moments from previous tournaments. One featured match that I didn’t immediately recall was Spain’s 4-3 victory over Yugoslavia in Euro 2000, secured in dramatic circumstances with a late winner. I […]

He’s the first on the field, the pride of his team

Good evening. Fans of football: hey, isn’t it great that the new season has started? Non-fans of football: isn’t it ridiculous that the football season has started again? It’s August, ferchrissakes. Anyway, as we’re talking about football, here’s a review of a computer game that features lots of it: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008.

Jules Rimet Still Gleaming

It’s getting towards that time when everyone who doesn’t like football prepares to be extremely bored for weeks on end. As for everyone else (in this country at least) the question remains: “Can England do it this time?” Pro Evo says yes…  

The good, the bad and the ugly

Here it is – as ever, slightly later than I imagined. As it’s a special occasion, I decided to cover my favourite game of all time. But first, I had to play my least-favourite. I’ll let you find out for yourself which one is which. Here are reviews of Zone Raiders and Pro Evolution Soccer […]

He dummied the keeper great there

So, the new Pro Evolution Soccer is out, and the general consensus seems to be that the series is on the wane. Apparently, the decline started a couple of years ago with PES 2008, which is odd as it’s the latest one I bought and I’m still playing it now. It’s got one or two […]

Rik vs PG

At the end of last week, my friend and flat-mate PG packed up his stuff and moved to New York. Well, he didn’t actually pack it; his company paid for some burly men to come round and do it for him – a testament indeed to the impressive portfolio of skills from which the American […]