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Moments in Gaming: Phobos Anomaly

Doom is important to we PC fans, because it’s one of the greatest games from a time when the PC was finally asserting itself as a potent gaming machine. With increasing processor power, and developers settling on VGA and soundblaster as industry standards, we no longer needed to be so jealous of other formats. For […]

back to the Phobos Anomaly

Rik’s recent review of Doom prompted me to have a look at Doom Reborn, a mod for Doom 3 that recreates the levels of the first two games. Doom 3 handled very differently to those predecessors – it was all about creeping around cramped corridors waiting for a demon to go BOO and leap out […]

Knee-Deep in the Dead

Well, it took us long enough, but we finally got around to taking a look at Doom. On a site as low-key as this one, it’s probably over-stating a case to call anything ‘much-requested’ or ‘long-awaited’, but in the context of FFG history, a very old request and a number of half-hearted murmerings in the […]

on the shores of hell

Hello everyone. We have a review! Here’s Doom 3. Yes 3. Not 1 or 2. We’re hoping to have a few more items before Christmas. So as to help me spend time with the oldies, I’ve made an act of supreme sacrifice and dedication, and held off from buying the new warcraft expansion.

(not quite) on the shores of hell

The Jman made a very sensible suggestion, that we review Doom. I’m not entirely sure why i’ve skirted around that one – I’ve covered the iD milestone immediately before, the next two after and even a 3rd-party game using its engine. Maybe it’s just a reticence regarding such a huge name in gaming; there must […]

stoo now finally owns a legal copy of Doom

So a week or two ago I went out and got the ID Super Pack on Steam. It covers pretty much iD’s entire back catalogue, bar a few obscure titles, from Commander Keen to Doom3. Plus there’s some of the iD-engine-powered titles from Raven, like Heretic and Hexen. Total cost is $69.95 – far less […]