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Moments in Gaming: How appropriate, you fight like a cow

Let’s consider a conundrum facing point and click adventure games about pirates. We might expect it to feature some sort of combat. Pirates led a fairly violent life after all. I mean “boarding ships and taking stuff” was pretty much their job description. Even if you don’t go down that route, because your pirate hero […]

The Rebels have proven surprisingly clever

Hi there. Bucking the usual trend for this site, here’s coverage of the second game in a series, arriving after the first, and in reasonably quick succession. It’s Star Wars: Rebel Assault II – The Hidden Empire.

he’s played a wide range of classic PC games… and is terrible at most of them

Due to my 2016 ban on aquiring games, I hadn’t been keeping up much on gog.com. Turns out, during my absence, they did add a some oldies of interest. Which is heartening to see; it’s great that they stock all those indie titles but for us their primary contribution to gaming will always be keeping […]

The rookie wasn’t that sharp after all

Hi there. Now that all of the CSI games have been half-heartedly evaluated (you’re welcome), we can turn our attention to more genuine retro content. So here’s a look back at the 90s Star Wars shooter that everyone with a CD drive owned, Rebel Assault.

This must be that Woodstock place Mom and Dad always talk about

A trailer is out for the forthcoming remastered version of Day of the Tentacle. So the artwork has been redone in a style that looks very similar to that of the original, just higher-resolution. Not sure if it’s been redrawn from scratch, or just put through some filters. It looks like it could be made […]

You kill a few men before a jury gives you permission to, and they fire you

Good evening. October seems to be a fairly productive month for us at FFG. No, not because it’s Halloween. (You know, that really isn’t such a big deal over here). Anyway, it’s been a little while, but we’ve got one of our discussion review features for you tonight. The game is Outlaws. Yee-haw! *fires guns […]

Lucasarts on gog: wave four

A while back I was saying, all this Star Wars stuff is great but can we have more classic Lucasarts graphic adventures please? Now gog have delievered! Along with a couple of other interesting non-SW titles Loom: A personal favourite of mine. A haunting, atmospheric fantasy tale in a world of dark magic. It was […]

The three incarnations of TIE fighter

Edit: good news! as of 28/4/2015 the 1995 version is now included on GoG. So yesterday I was very enthusiastic about GOG releasing TIE Fighter. Now unfortunately, having investigated further, I have a bit of bad news. Your purchase gets you original 1994 DOS release, and also the 1998 version. What’s missing, though, is the […]

Give Jaffa Cake to Giles. Use Hammer on Glory.

Fan imagines Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a LucasArts-era adventure game Some artwork of scenes from TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, drawn in the style of a classic Lucasarts adventure. For a 30-something nerd and Joss Whedon fan like myself it’s a perfect combination of two different sources of 90s nostalgia. If such a […]

Book review: Rogue Leaders

The demise of LucasArts didn’t go totally unnoticed here at FFG, but we were a little busy with other things to do much more than post a brief note (and a link to a clip from the Spanish-language version of Monkey Island). As it happens, though, around the time of the announcement, I did come […]