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PC Zone Lives!

“PC Zone’s Alive!?” Yes, it is, and it’s with that exclamation from Brian Blessed, grabbed from the Zone archives and neatly repurposed as part of the introductory jingle, that the greatest PC magazine of the 1990s returns, this time in podcast form. It’s all down to the sterling efforts of ex-Deputy Editor Richie Shoemaker (occasionally […]

Review: TOCA Touring Car Championship / Race Driver: GRID

Hi there. We have another anniversary double-bill for you today. First, there’s a retrospective look at TOCA Touring Car Championship, released in 1997 and first covered here in 2004. Followed by a review of the comparatively modern Race Driver: GRID from 2008. We try not to over-promise here, but there are tentative-to-firm plans for more […]

Review: Lost: Via Domus

Hello! Are we almost at the end? Let’s hope so. I’ll buy you a beer, when it’s all over. Anyway, one of the things I did to pass my time in recent months was to watch a TV show about characters being cut off from society, friends and family and forced by a dangerous present […]

Review: Mass Effect 2

Hi there. Hope you’re doing well. In an uncharacteristically logical move, today’s review is of a sequel to another game that we covered recently. Yes, that’s right – we’re reviewing games from a series in order, and without a delay of several years between write-ups. It’ll never last. (Also I think this marks the first […]

Review: Sin / Sin Episodes: Emergence

Hello! This site is now as old as we were when we started it. While we go have a lie down and think about that for a while, here’s the first bit of 20th anniversary content for you. The idea is we head back to revisit some of the games covered in our oldest write-ups, […]

Review: The F.A. Premier League STARS 2001

Hello there. It’s another delve into the murky world of football games past in today’s review. A close relation of an item consigned to the Vault of Regret, this time we’re giving the 2001 follow-up the full treatment: it’s The F.A. Premier League STARS 2001. This review also means there is movement, intrigue and drama […]

Review: Mass Effect

Hello all. Hope things for you are as good as they can be at the moment. I think the background to this one is covered enough in the review and the accompanying piece (and possibly here, too) to negate the need for any preamble, so let’s get straight into it. Here’s a review of Mass […]

Review: Need for Speed: SHIFT

Hi everyone. Hope 2021 is treating you well. I can’t complain too much, but I’m finding it quite hard work so far. Having said that, January’s always a bit difficult, isn’t it? Even if things are normal. Which they’re not. Anyway, the rusty old reviewing machine (as I’ve taken to calling myself) cranks back into […]

FFG Review of the Year: 2020

Well now, what can we say about 2020? In all likelihood, the last 9 months or so will, at best, have not been quite as good as you might have hoped, and at worst will have been a real shitstorm. Whatever your circumstances, we do wish you all the best for the year ahead. But […]

Review: Sensible Soccer 2006

Hi there. I hope you managed to have a good Christmas, under whatever strange and/or difficult circumstances were imposed on you this year. Sneaking in with one last review for the year, we take a look at the mid-00s attempt to revive a much-loved football franchise: Sensible Soccer 2006. (Yes, it seems the pull of […]