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don’t touch Merlin’s stuff

This is something I’ve been hoping for ever since sierra adventures started appearing on GoG. They now have Conquests of Camelot! You take on the role of King Arthur, seeking the holy grail in a mission to restore the fortunes of his Kingdom. You must also find three of the knights of the round table, […]

he’s played a wide range of classic PC games… and is terrible at most of them

Due to my 2016 ban on aquiring games, I hadn’t been keeping up much on gog.com. Turns out, during my absence, they did add a some oldies of interest. Which is heartening to see; it’s great that they stock all those indie titles but for us their primary contribution to gaming will always be keeping […]

look at you, hacker

I’ve been waiting for this for years – System Shock is finally on gog.com. This is the game we once called the Thinking Man’s Doom. In those days all shooters tended to be described by reference to Doom – but this one had some rather different DNA. Its direct ancestor from Looking Glass Studios was […]

warriors of ultramar

Gog have recently added to their lineup a couple of strategy games based on Warhammer 40k, the famous science-fantasy tabletop wargame. These games are great for those of us us who feel like commanding some space marines against the enemies of the Imperium, but never got around to finding a gaming club. Or can’t paint […]

Lucasarts on gog: wave four

A while back I was saying, all this Star Wars stuff is great but can we have more classic Lucasarts graphic adventures please? Now gog have delievered! Along with a couple of other interesting non-SW titles Loom: A personal favourite of mine. A haunting, atmospheric fantasy tale in a world of dark magic. It was […]

A frankly poor piece on an interesting topic

[Disclaimer: I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that this would make a great piece and excitedly jotted down some notes. At some point between then and now, perhaps following an ill-advised browse of some comments sections, I lost the will to try and write anything decent, or to try and generate, […]

Still to come to gog (hopefully)

Recently we had some great news in the world of retro gaming – System Shock 2 finally made its way onto gog.com. So after many years in the wilderness, you can once again buy a copy of the classic scifi-horror themed shooter-rpg hybrid. This did however inspire me to ponder, other games that are yet […]

seriously guys, someone give GoG a call

If you follow geek news, or movie news, or probably any news at all, you’ve probably heard that Disney has spent about a bajillion dollars buying Lucasfilm from George Lucas. The most important aspect of this is, of course, that they plan on making new Star Wars films. Which I’m cautiously optimistic about – after […]

threat of SHODAN recedes, for now…

So Gog promised “One of our most requested classic games is coming to @GOGcom on the 19th. Hint: its name starts with S.” Which immediately had me thinking SYSTEM SHOCK SYSTEM SHOCK SYSTEM SHO- oh wait, it’s Syndicate. That’s a classic too! But they’ve managed to set the good news up in the just about […]


So, it was indeed a publicity stunt. Gog.com will be relaunched later today, finally out of beta. At the time of writing there are a few youtube videos telling us what to expect. The site doesn’t actually look all that different, just re-organised a bit. So being cynical you have to wonder if there was […]