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20(-ish) years of the PS2

I’ve seen a few people mention that this week was the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation 2, which seemed a little early to me (this week was also the 20th anniversary of my wife and I getting together, and the two didn’t seem to quite add up) until I realised it was a reference to […]

Rik vs. Stoo: Part II

It may surprise some of you to learn that Rik and Stoo of the famous games site A Force for Good don’t actually live together at a place called FFG Towers, playing old games at an incredibly slow rate with the intention of posting a maximum of two reviews per month. In fact, we’re rarely […]

Gran(d) Bore-ismo

While up staying with Jo (currently trying to do a few things before she turns a certain age) recently I had the rare opportunity to access the full suite of last-gen consoles – the “Ex-Box”, the “Pee-Ess 3” and the “Wee”. Left to my own devices for an hour or so, I decided to give […]

It would be, it would be so nice

Hello! I’ve recently returned from a somewhat-deserved holiday, which was A Good Thing for all kinds of reasons. Without the drudgery of everyday life turning your brain into mush, a few days’ rest can see you gather together whatever scraps of creative thought remain up there and begin to regain the ability to form ideas […]

Float like a butterfly

So my most recent holiday game was: Fight Night Round 3 on PSP. (Not that I go on holiday to sit inside and play games, but there are odd moments when the opportunity arises, and the flight, of course). I’ve been after a boxing game for a while, but options are extremely limited on PC, […]

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!

So I went and bought a Wii. Actually, I had to buy a TV to go with it too. First game purchased after such an extravagance: See, I’m a Nintendo fan who’s never actually owned a Nintendo. Or a console of any sort.* Just played on emulators a lot, from NES through to N64. But […]

Do not underestimate the Power of Playstation

I recently bought myself a second-hand PSP. Now, given that I already own a DS, it may seem like a slightly strange decision, especially as I like my DS, which has kept me thoroughly entertained on my journeys to and from work over the past four years or so (despite me having no previous predilection […]

Touch my tissue

Before I went on holiday (which seems like an age ago, incidentally) I bought myself Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – The Director’s Cut. I have reasonably fond memories of the PC original and the feeling had always persisted that I was perhaps a bit harsh on it when I reviewed it, so I […]

Quit messing around, Rik

Despite never having watched the TV show, or displaying any kind of predeliction for poking around with dead bodies, I’ve recently found myself playing CSI: Deadly Intent – The Hidden Cases on the DS. In the game, you play through four cases as a rookie CSI, joined by famous faces from the show (none of […]

return of death adder

A year or so ago I grumbled about the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection not being released on PC. Well, now they’ve gone and added a bunch of games to Steam. It’s not as big a collection as that console release, and Sonic (apart from 3D Blast) is conspicuous in his absence. No Streets Of […]