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I hate you, Terror missions

Terror from the Deep is a very similar game to its predecessor, UFO: Enemy Unknown (aka X-Com in the US). Once again, you’re leading a small, elite but beleaguered military organisation against a greatly superior alien foe. The game is based around the same mix of global strategy, and squad-level turn based combat. Managing your […]

I hate you, Supreme Titans

The other night I sat down for bit of Might and Magic 6, which I started five years ago but have not yet completed. Which may seem a bit ridiculous. Certainly this is personal record for the longest amount of time spent on a single run through a game. The slow progress is due to […]

I hate you, Class 1 Drillers

Before we get into my nonsense, this week have some proper content from Rik, a review of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion! So go read that first. Anyways in this occasional series I complain about getting my ass handed to me by the monsters and enemies in various games. Today’s entry is Descent, created by […]

I hate you, Blue Wizzrobes

Owning the NES Classic Mini means my first priority is to play legend of Zelda. Again. I’ve just finished the sixth dungeon, and I went in recalling that I had previously found it pretty tough. I thought that might be due to the presence of armoured warriors called Darknuts. They are unaffected by sword strikes […]

I hate You, Inviso-Mutants

Given all this talk about the system shock remake, it’s time to include it in our recurring series where I look at some memorable RPG enemies and monsters. You may question whether Shock should actually be classified as an RPG. After all, it lacks the sort of character progression and customisation mechanics we normally associate […]

I hate you, harpy witches

Today’s lineup of RPG monsters that have been giving me grief are from Might and Magic 6. disclaimer: it’s possible that my problem was simply attempting to fight some of these when my party was a bit under-levelled. It’s also possible that I’m bad at RPGs. Harpy Witches These ladies manage to be obnoxious in […]

I hate you, Conquilados

A few weeks back I wrote about one of the most frustrating battles from the venerable cRPG, Wizardry 7. Here are a few more that, for various reasons, have stuck in my memory all these years. The Fiend of Nine Worlds Towards the end of the game, working through the vast, sprawling final dungeons, you […]

I hate you, Shadow Guardian

I’ve mentioned Wizardry 7 a few times on this site – it’s a turn-based RPG from the early 90s which has consumed huge amounts of my life. It’s full of tough battles, right from the start when you find your pathetic newbies swarmed by rat-men. You’ll spend an awful lot of time either dying, or […]