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Gaming’s slower cars: a brief history, part 4

Hi there. This is our fourth and final part of our look back at the pleasures, or otherwise, of driving a slow car in racing games. It takes us up to the end of the 00s or so, roughly in line with the newer games eligible for coverage at FFG. I’m sure there are plenty […]

Gaming’s slower cars: a brief history, part 1

Driving an unremarkable car is a dream that many of us are now living: if I want to drive an unmodified Honda Civic (unless you count a few dents as modifications) then I can go outside now and drive it wherever I like (but probably to either Waitrose or the tip). Often in driving or […]

Buy this car to drive to work, drive to work to pay for this car

Hi there! Tonight we take a look at Test Drive Unlimited, a fact that makes us feel quite old, because we can actually remember writing about it as something new and exciting at various points a few years ago. Still, when you put the depressing march of time to one side, it’s good to be […]

“The Passion”

Hello there! Well, we have another review for you today. It’s Test Drive III: The Passion. Ahem. I’m sure I used to have more interesting stuff to say in these newsposts. Oh, hang on, I forgot we can add pictures now: Yeeeeaaaaaahhhh! *sets off fireworks*

Rik vs. Stoo

Online multiplayer remains relatively unexplored territory for FFG. In recent months we’ve been making attempts to rectify the situation, albeit with very little success. Several hours, for example, were spent tinkering with network and router settings in the hope of getting Rise of the Triad deathmatch to work on DOSBox (which it did, eventually, but […]

you’re lost, aren’t you

As I may have mentioned here and there, I’m not particularly good at racing games. Or at least, I lack the motivation to play them enough to become more skilled, usually just dicking around for a bit, completing an easy couple of races and then crashing into something. That’s why my only contributions to our […]

Test Drive Unlimited

I’m quite a big fan of racing games, but recently, I don’t honestly feel there’s been all that much to get excited about. While the likes of Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport and Project Gotham Racing are all pretty good games, there’s just something about doing laps of a circuit that I don’t find all that […]