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Soundtracks/When I played…Need for Speed III

Soundtracks is where we talk about licensed music in games. When I Played was a series from a few years ago, about significant games, and times, in my life. Today we have a strange kind of hybrid/crossover piece, a one-off for a special occasion. Hope you don’t mind. Nostalgia and happy (or, sometimes, less-than-happy) memories […]

When I played…Covert Action

And so we come to the end of this anniversary series of articles. We’ve gone from a glossy video-laden epic, to a flawed movie spin-off, via whatever football or racing games happened to be cheap that week. In the last piece, it all got slightly serious as I talked a bit about Deus Ex and […]

When I played…Deus Ex

Our weekly series continues, as I take a look back at some of the games I played during the site’s first few years. If you’ve missed any of the previous pieces, go here for the first, or find them all here. Hopefully if you’ve read this far you’ve enjoyed these articles. Part four is about […]

When I played…Blade Runner

As part of the site’s 15-year anniversary, I’m doing a few articles looking back at games I covered for FFG in the early days. They’re not the usual reviews or discussion pieces but hopefully you might find them interesting. The first piece, with a bit more explanation, can be found here, and all of the […]

When I played…multiplayer games

This is the second piece of a series of articles I’m doing about some of the games I covered for FFG in our earliest days. It’s a way of looking back at those games, at the site, and at my own gaming history, as part of the site’s 15-year anniversary. The first piece, and a […]

When I played…Wing Commander III

Somehow we’ve been going 15 years, and without wanting veer too much into the area of excessive self-congratulation, we figured it’d be nice to mark the occasion somehow. As regular readers will know, we’re not the most frequently updated of sites, and so any time spent looking back at, and/or rehashing, old content is time […]