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Written by: Rik

Date posted: April 27, 2006

A combination of public demand and cynical marketing saw a number of add-on packs released for Test Drive 2. The two scenery packs could be considered a good way of extending a pretty short game, though TD2 is visually quite sparse, so aside from a few new roadside objects (one of the disks, European Challenge, features some predictable stereotypes – windmills and tulips in Holland, anyone?) there’s nothing really that new on offer.

You could also get hold of extra cars, although Accolade shot themselves in the foot slightly by including the most desirable ones in “The Duel”. All the extra vehicles in The SuperCars (80s favourites like the Testarossa and the Countach) and MuscleCars (gas-guzzlers like the Dodge Charger) packs were easily outperformed by the vehicles in the original game, and with the absence of an external view or any subtleties in TD2‘s handling, all you’re left with is a bunch of slower cars with slightly different dashboards.