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The Shelves of Shame

The Cupboard of Shame is no more. No, I haven’t purged my collection of regretful purchases, or accepted that perhaps I’m not ever going to play that strategy game, especially not if I need to dust off my old XP machine in order to play it. But the Cupboard of Shame, once a metaphor, was […]

The games embargo: (almost) one year on

Readers may or may not remember my vow to not buy any games in 2013. As New Year’s resolutions go, it lasted longer than most, although in the end, I didn’t quite make it. The lure of the Christmas Steam sale, and the prospect of transporting fake manure from fake Grimsby to fake Carlisle in […]

Cupboard of Shame III: War on Want

No, I’m not having another eBay clearout. But something’s got to give. Another year has passed and the cupboard under the stairs is still overflowing with unplayed games. And yet, I still buy more: a trip to CeX at lunchtime here, an idle browse of eBay there…and don’t even get me started on the digital […]

Cupboard of Shame II: (Must) Try Harder

It went pretty well last time, so I thought I’d try again. Unfortunately, having ruthlessly picked out another pile of items for sale, I suddenly went all soft-hearted and changed my mind about some of them. So this second list is shorter: Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare – I hated the early games, […]

The Cupboard of Shame

A long, long, time ago on FFG we used to have a feature called The Cupboard of Shame. The phrase was a euphemism for the place we put the games that, for one reason or another, we wished we’d never bought in the first place. It didn’t mean those games were necessarily all that bad, […]

Stockpiling: good

Although supposedly an avid gamesplayer, I’m pretty bad at actually getting through games. I do like buying them though – especially if they’re cheap – so that they can sit on my shelves for weeks and months while I get around to playing them. I decided to steel myself and stop reckless purchasing of budget […]