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Review: The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

Hello there. Hope you’re doing ok. I’ve generously been given the title of this site’s main “review guy” based upon a blistering work rate that produces anywhere from 10-15 reviews per calendar year. With such a reputation to maintain, I have another one for you today! It’s of a relatively modern remake of an all-time […]

Moments in Gaming: How appropriate, you fight like a cow

Let’s consider a conundrum facing point and click adventure games about pirates. We might expect it to feature some sort of combat. Pirates led a fairly violent life after all. I mean “boarding ships and taking stuff” was pretty much their job description. Even if you don’t go down that route, because your pirate hero […]

another bit of childhood gone

Disney Closes Game Publisher LucasArts I’d have to admit I haven’t played a Lucasarts game in over a decade, and couldn’t really tell you anything about their current output. But this is still a sad moment for those of us who were PC gamers back in the 90s. Apart from Star Wars stuff, they were […]

how appropriate, you fight like a cow

So I’ve been playing the Monkey Island special edition a bit. It’s a very close remake – puzzles, dialogue and location all exactly the same. In fact even it’s even closer than that; it feels like the original game re-skinned, matching the animation frame-for-frame. You can even flick between the old and new versions of […]

Some Monkey Island news you’ve probably heard already…

…but it would be remiss of us not to mention it at all. First, Telltale Games, the guys responsible for the resurrection of Sam and Max, have now turned their attention to Monkey Island with the forthcoming Tales of Monkey Island, a brand new adventure featuring Guybrush et al delivered in episodic form. Meantwhile, LucasArts […]

Guybrush and Indy

Hi all. We have a double helping of Lucasarts adventure goodness tonite! First up, Jo has reviewed Escape from Monkey Island for us. Meanwhile scooting back a few years earlier, I’ve looked at the classic Indy adventure Fate of Atlantis.