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I felt a little like a dying clown, with a streak of rin tin tin

Hi there. Happy New Year to you all. Hope you had a good Christmas. Today’s review is of the last of Telltale’s attempts to make a decent CSI game: Fatal Conspiracy.

CSI: Unsolved!

This is another review of a Nintendo DS game, kind of following on from this one, the reasons for which are explained here. Normal service (i.e. reviews of old PC games) will be resumed shortly. Such was my fondness for CSI: Deadly Intent – The Hidden Cases, I would have been happy for subsequent games […]

CSI: Deadly Intent – The Hidden Cases (Extras!)

Hello! So, I captured quite a few screenshots, bits of audio and video clips for my piece on CSI: Deadly Intent – The Hidden Cases. Although I was able to use most of what I wanted to in the main article, I figured I may as well stick some of the rest up here.

CSI: Deadly Intent – The Hidden Cases

This is a review of a Nintendo DS game. We don’t review DS games on here, except here we sort of are doing that, obviously. But it’s not going in the main list of PC reviews. As discussed previously, I sort of just wanted to write about this game and get it out of my system. […]

The Shelves of Shame

The Cupboard of Shame is no more. No, I haven’t purged my collection of regretful purchases, or accepted that perhaps I’m not ever going to play that strategy game, especially not if I need to dust off my old XP machine in order to play it. But the Cupboard of Shame, once a metaphor, was […]

You can go sleep at home tonight if you can get up and walk away

Hi there. Sorry for the radio silence: I always find August to be pretty unproductive, but this time I did have a genuine (but boring) excuse – moving house. Anyway, time to get back on the reviewing horse with a look at CSI: Deadly Intent.

I woke up in a Soho doorway, a policeman knew my name

Hello there. Surprise, surprise, we have another review for you tonight. Yes, I know, this is unprecedented (and unlikely to be repeated). If FFG was a big rock band from the 90s with significant chart appeal (which it isn’t) then this would be like us releasing a sixth single from the album that came out […]

I get my back into my living

Hello. Today’s review is CSI: NY – The Game. Work continues, both on the site and on new content. We’ll get more to you as soon as we can. Until then, Happy Easter, everyone!

won’t get fooled again

Hello all. We’ve gone and covered another CSI game: this time it’s Miami. I do appreciate that’s the third this year. If you’re of the opinion that we should be playing more “worthy” titles rather than TV tie-ins then, well, some of that on the way soon I hope.

won’t get fooled again

So I got the CSI Miami game. It’s… not very good. I was warned, of course, since it’s basically just Dark Motives with new missions and the Miami cast. I think I’m going to give myself RSI from mass-clicking every screen, and showing every bit of evidence to every suspect, so maybe I should just […]