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The Euros: A Brief History

It’s the Euros! The final! And England are in it! As usual, the real football created a hankering for some virtual football, and so, in time-honoured tradition, I dug out whatever modern-ish football games I bought last time there was a tournament on and failed terribly at them. I’m not sure when exactly I went […]

The FFG Football League

Some dull site trivia for you: the early incarnations of FFG didn’t have a dedicated sport section. Although we’d resolved to make sure we found space for a review of Puma World Football, it was buried rather incongruously among either the action or simulation titles. This was down to me more than anything else, and […]

Need for Speed: A brief history

After publishing yet another Need for Speed review (2011’s The Run, the 12th NFS game we’ve covered), my friend and colleague had a suggestion: some kind of series overview might be useful. Given that the NFS brand has lent itself to a few different types of racing game over the years, with useful identifiers like […]

Morning everyone

Hi there. So, England are in Australia and both sides are gearing up for the Ashes. Excited yet? [sigh] You know, the Ashes…cricket? No? That doesn’t bode so well for our latest update then. We’ve got a review of Graham Gooch World Class Cricket for you. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also put together […]

A brief history of time (and games)

Not an update as such, but I’ve spent a bit of time updating my brief histories. The racing one’s been done for a little while now, and the football and adventure histories have now been brought up to speed. There are new screenshots, games that we’ve covered are now linked to the review pages, and […]

Maintain radio silence

So no new content since the beginning of March. That’s pretty rubbish to be honest. In mitigation, we’ve both had (completely unrelated) housing issues to sort out. I was due to move house on 29th March but the new place wasn’t ready in time and we’d already packed up most of our stuff and blah […]