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steam powered classics

So it’s that time of year again, the Steam summer Sale. I’ll probably grab Dishonoured, the X-Com remake, then a bunch more impulse buys that I never find time to play, and glare at me from my library. “you’ve not played us yet.” “It’s been a year now”. “What’s the matter, too incompetent?” With digital […]

return of death adder

A year or so ago I grumbled about the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection not being released on PC. Well, now they’ve gone and added a bunch of games to Steam. It’s not as big a collection as that console release, and Sonic (apart from 3D Blast) is conspicuous in his absence. No Streets Of […]

What can you even buy for that nowadays

I’d hoped to have something interesting to post for xmas, but if all else fails at least we can highlight a great deal out there in the world of digital distribution. So how about Loom, The Dig, and both Indiana Jones adventures for £1.74? Get it! [edit]Also worth a look, the entire Dark Forces/Jedi Knight […]

I’m selling these fine leather jackets

We were vaguely worried about Lucasarts overpricing their classic adventures on Steam. However, it turns out Last Crusade, Fate of Atlantis, LOOM and The Dig are going for £3 each! Which is just fantastic value for money – there’s hours of engaging adventure gaming there. If anyone wants me i’ll be off playing the Dig.

ask me about Loom

Lucas Arts is Coming to Steam This is great news, and something we’ve been waiting for since the coming of online-distribution. Here’s the selection so far Armed and Dangerous™ Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis Indiana Jones® and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure LEGO® Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure LOOM™ Star Wars Battlefront® […]

And I’m steaming mad…

Whatever the pros and cons of Steam, it’s clear that it (and other similar methods of online content delivery) are going to play a big part in gaming’s immediate future. There will always be some who prefer having their games in boxes, but there’s no doubting the convenience of being able to buy and download […]

stoo now finally owns a legal copy of Doom

So a week or two ago I went out and got the ID Super Pack on Steam. It covers pretty much iD’s entire back catalogue, bar a few obscure titles, from Commander Keen to Doom3. Plus there’s some of the iD-engine-powered titles from Raven, like Heretic and Hexen. Total cost is $69.95 – far less […]