So the other day I posted some positive opinions on Diablo 3. This weekend I’ve had a chance to see it from another perspective, by trying to play on a crappy 1 Mb/s rural internet connection. Last night I didn’t have too much trouble, but today it’s unplayable; the game chucks me out a few seconds after logging in.

It’s especially galling when we consider that the console version works offline. I suppose the justification is, keeping a large portion of the game’s information on the server side is a defense against both piracy, and the sort of hacking that afflicted Diablo 2. With consoles, both of these are harder to do so the need for protection is reduced.

I’m back to my 57-jiggabits broadband tonight anyway. Still, it’s a reminder of the appeal of getting the happily offline-available Torchlight on our favourite DRM-free source,

(PS I’ve no idea why the comments were turned off in my last post. Sorry!)