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Out of darkness, out of mind, cast down into the Halls of the Blind

Looking back over Blizzard’s history, I wouldn’t refer to much of their output as particularly innovative. That’s not to say they’re not great developers, highly original thinking just isn’t their particular strength. The modus operandi has been to take an established genre, polish and tune it, and release a high quality game. Much more steady […]

Diablo 3 by smoke signal and carrier pigeon

So the other day I posted some positive opinions on Diablo 3. This weekend I’ve had a chance to see it from another perspective, by trying to play on a crappy 1 Mb/s rural internet connection. Last night I didn’t have too much trouble, but today it’s unplayable; the game chucks me out a few […]

I enjoyed this a lot more than Nox. Turning in my retro-gamer card now.

Recently I finally caved in and bought Diablo 3. I’d been a bit wary of it over the past couple years; as I sometimes find action-rpgs become a repetitive chore to slog through. In fact I remember posting here a couple of years ago thinking I was maybe simply bored of the genre. However, for […]