Happy New Year! As it’s the season for continuing unwelcome traditions, here’s my annual roundup of the year in FFG-land. [Yay! – a reader].

Overall, we managed a reasonably steady stream of content across the year, roughly on a par with what we’ve produced in previous years (with the exception of the magical, industrious 2007, but we’ll have to dismiss that as a miraculous one-off). A couple of monkeys were removed from backs in 2012, as I finally managed to play, and review, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, while my esteemed colleague produced the long-promised King’s Quest VI write-up. I think he had slightly more fun than I did. Jo’s review of King’s Quest VII followed later, further boosting our coverage of Sierra adventure series (okay, it’s incomplete, and out of sequence, but it is there, at least).

The FFG sports section was bolstered by significant football game coverage this year, with a Kick Off vs Goal! face-off early in the year, and reviews of not one, not two, but three FIFA games. (Although don’t expect any more anytime soon). The best thing that can be said is, at least we had a cricket-free year.

April saw the introduction of a brand-new feature on FFG, the discussion review. Following our brief experimentation with the format while revisiting some old favourites for last year’s anniversary features, we decided to take the plunge and apply it to some games we hadn’t previously covered. Hardball III was the first, followed by Bio Menace and Delta Force.

Elsewhere, more modern games started to feature, with 2006-era titles such as Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (I reviewed an RPG, mum!) edging themselves onto the site. Another modern(ish) game to feature was The Movies, which saw the two of us immortalised as a buddy-cop duo.

So, what will 2013 bring? I’d be lying if I promised anything other than more of the same, in roughly similar quantities. Although somewhere, FFG v3 is being worked on by, ahem, top men, and I imagine we’d hope to have something to unveil at some stage in the next year or so. As always, if you have any requests, be sure to let us know. Otherwise, thanks for reading, and here’s to the year ahead.