It went pretty well last time, so I thought I’d try again. Unfortunately, having ruthlessly picked out another pile of items for sale, I suddenly went all soft-hearted and changed my mind about some of them. So this second list is shorter:

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare – I hated the early games, and didn’t like the sound of this one either. Plus I generally hate creepy games. So, er, why did I buy it then? I blame GAME’s 3-for-£10 offers.

Anachronox – Stoo really likes this, and I’d loved to have given it a go. But if I’m honest with myself, I’m never going to find the time.

Prisoner of War – well, it’s a stealth game. I’d like to have hung onto it, particularly as it’s not a particularly well-known title, but I know that I’d never get anywhere with it even if I tried.

There could have been more; I ummed and ahhed over some others that, deep down, I know I won’t ever play. But glancing at the box takes you back to the time when you bought it, when you thought, “I’ll enjoy this”, and so you become reluctant to part with it, even though you’ve had years to give it a go.

There’s also a whole host of games that I’ve reviewed for FFG that I have little desire to play again, but I kind of have a rule that, if they’re a part of the site, I hang onto them.

The full list is here, and is supplemented by a couple of DS and PSP games, one of which is the DS version of Broken Sword, a perfectly serviceable port of the game, but it pales next to the Android/iOS versions these days.

Update! It’s all over. PC games failed to sell, a few quid for the console games. Perhaps worth taking one final look in the cupboard before closing the doors for a little while…