Go back to Puma World Football ’98

Written by: Rik

Date posted: April 26, 2013

Hello there!

I recently came across these video clips, which (if memory serves) were picked from a massive selection of saved replays as the three best goals scored during my Puma heydey.

Apologies for the grainy quality – in fairness, they were recorded a very long time ago, before all of your Fraps and whatnot, using an extremely drawn-out and nerdy process that I can’t even describe for fear of incriminating myself.

Anyway! (90s reference) – cue Life of Riley!

Goal #3: W.Willmott (Exact team name unknown) vs. (Opponent team name unknown)

So, er, a long time ago, I did that thing where I put all my friends’ names into the game. I can’t remember much else, especially not the team name, but I do know that the goalscorer here was named after a real person who I actually used to know. This long range strike was unusual in that it wasn’t that powerful but still managed to evade the clutches of the (usually cat-like) AI ‘keeper.


Goal#2: J. Hasselbaink (Leeds United) vs. Aston Villa

Yes, I support Leeds. We used to have a fairly decent team, once upon a time. The chase and lay-off here are fairly difficult to pull off, but putting it together with a volley into the back of the net would be (and I’m sure, it was) enough to prompt childishly extravagant celebrations and/or profanity aimed at no-one in particular.


Goal#1: Laa Laa (Pedro’s Deathtubbies) vs. Spurs Reserves

Even after all these years, I still have no idea how this happened. Fluke or not (it definitely was), nothing came close to topping this.