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Written by: Rik

Date posted: May 28, 2018

When the pro players miss a putt, they each have a little animation that plays when they get annoyed. Let’s take a run through each player’s reaction, shall we?

Craig Stadler

In keeping with who I assume (on the basis of no evidence) to be a genial and laid-back character, Craig “The Walrus” Stadler takes a couple of steps back and stands there disappointed.

That’s life, he seems to be saying. That’s life, that’s golf.

Brad Faxon

Faxon seems like the nerdy type, so it comes as a shock when the little blighter tosses his club to the ground in anger.

Well, it’s sort of half-hearted. Perhaps there wasn’t much room where they were capturing him for the game and they told him not to break anything.

Jeff Sluman

A low-key turn away in disgust for Sluman, although as he turns towards the camera he reveals that he has no face at all.

The disappointment of the shot caused his face to melt off entirely.

Lee Janzen

A disbelieving stare straight ahead into the void for two-time US Open winner Lee Janzen.

Why, God, why?

Fuzzy Zoeller

1979 Masters’ Champ Fuzzy goes for the good old hands on hips, with a slightly dramatic look into the sky for effect.

Davis Love III

Violence from Davis Love, with a big (and reasonably violent) swing at thin air.

Perhaps he broke some equipment that meant Faxon had to tone his club-throwing down.

Mark O’Meara

Another thrower, this one – 1998 Masters’ champion Mark O’Meara tosses both hat and club to the ground in anger.

Tom Kite

A philosophical approach from Tom Kite – you win some, you lose some.

And when you lose, have a bit of a good old stare into the distance.


No reaction from the player character, unless you count being frozen in the putting pose indefinitely as some kind of reaction.