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Written by: Rik

Date posted: July 5, 2020

Retro football games aren’t exactly a spectator sport, and this one in particular isn’t an easy watch, but I’ve stuck a few gameplay videos up on YouTube anyway. As part of my strategy to develop as inconsistent an approach as possible to video content on here, I decided that I would try and edit each match down a little to the, ahem, ‘highlights’, such as they are. (I’m sorry but I just couldn’t imagine anyone watching the full videos!)

Here are a selection of matches, of varying entertainment value and quality, including an extremely thorough thrashing of my Leeds team by Newcastle. I did get better at the game though, and had some later success, aided – it has to be said – by winning at least one penalty per match. Unfortunately it just so happened that my best performances, and goals, were never captured on video [yeah, yeah – a reader], and numerous subsequent attempts to engineer a big win with great goals never quite worked out.

Anyway – enjoy these clips from this rather stodgy football game!

Leeds vs Newcastle


Leeds vs Chelsea


Leeds vs Man City


Inter vs Genoa