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Written by: Rik

Date posted: January 17, 2011

One other feature worth mentioning is the ‘Classic Match’, in which you’re presented with a scenario from a variety of notable games from the annals of history and asked to complete a prescribed challenge – usually to score a certain number of runs or take a certain number of wickets within a set number of overs.

Again, this is nothing new. Scenarios were even released for the old warhorse Graham Gooch’s World Class Cricket in the guise of an add-on pack, although they amounted to little more than a collection of new team names and statistics – pretty easy money, if you ask me.

Here, though, more effort has been expended, and there’s something quite involving about having to accomplish a more specific challenge that makes it a worthwhile addition to the game. A nice touch is that the presentation reflects the time that the game was being played, with sepia-toned graphics and giant beards featuring prominently in the earlier matches.

Stadiums (and advertising hoardings) remain unchanged though – was Cricinfo.com really around in the late 19th century?