Okay, so if you didn’t manage to catch it last week, just a quick note to say that Charlie Brooker’s Gameswipe is on again tonight, BBC4, 10.50pm (or you can catch it here on the iPlayer).

While most of us were looking forward to Brooker returning to the world of gaming, where he first made his name, it seems some were disappointed with this one-off special (which may become a series in 2010, depending on ratings, apparently).

Personally, I quite liked it, it did what it said on the tin (ie a variation on the format of Brooker’s Screenwipe, but with games) – the main criticism seems to have come from hardcore forum dwellers griping that a couple of the games he reviewed weren’t bang up to date, and some other stuff to with the fact that they’re the kind of people who will never, ever, be satisfied with anything, ever, except the almost infinite number of opportunities to complain about things that the internet continues to offer them.

Check it out (if you’re in the UK) – I particularly liked the clip of a scared-looking teenager asking the disembodied head of Sir Patrick Moore how he could get better at European Club Soccer on the Megadrive (yes, this was once our number 1 gaming show, GamesMaster).