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Written by: Rik

Date posted: February 1, 2021

In the grand FFG tradition of doing things in a mixed-up and entirely incorrect order, our review of Mass Effect followed cold on the heels of a 2013 discussion piece, in which Stoo and I both played the game to completion and then indulged in a spoiler-filled discussion.

We called it a review at the time, but the dissection of plot details from throughout the game set it apart from our usual approach, which is to assume that even the keenest of gamers is unlikely to have already played all of the games in the world, and may appreciate the opportunity to discover the finer details of older releases for themselves.

With that said, though, if you have played the game and want to dig into a bit more about what we thought of various things, this still serves as a useful companion piece. Obviously, some of my contributions cover some of the same ground as the later review, including banging on about Wing Commander.

Be prepared also to read about which romantic options we took, see slightly blurrier screenshots of the game taken from a 2009-era machine, and look out for careless, misguided optimism about moving onto the second game in due course, as well as heeding this final warning about BIG SPOILERS ahead.