Hello there.

So 2015 is over, and it’s time to once again take a look back at the year on FFG.

This time last year, my stated intentions were to try and fulfil some old and long standing requests and also to add something of note to the strategy section. We managed to do okay on the requests front, finally adding a write up of Doom (albeit one from my own slightly warped perspective as someone who didn’t care much for it at the time) and a discussion review of Another World. I also took a look at Tron 2.0 although it must be stated at this point that this was less of a request and more “something The J Man mentioned in passing more than 5 years ago.”

On the strategy front, I was less successful, although I promise I did try. Perhaps I’ll give it another go next year. Or maybe just leave this kind of thing to the experts in future.

We covered a few FPS titles this year, and in addition to the titles mentioned above, we also had a guest review of Serious Sam 2 and a discussion of the LucasArts shooter Outlaws. I’m tempted to return to the Wild West genre at some point next year. Reviews in the discussion format will also continue: we hope to have one for you later this month.

Elsewhere, Stoo returned to the origins of the Duke Nukem series, while I continued to fill the sports and racing sections with titles of variable quality. Future hover racers seemed to be a theme at one point: at least we managed to cover Wipeout after I finally made my peace with the shoddy PC version, and I also enjoyed revisiting some old 90s techno into the bargain. There was also, uh, an admission that I sort of supported Manchester United at one point.

Who knows what next year will bring. More of the same, in all likelihood. Although it is our 15 year anniversary. Perhaps it’s time for that Klingon Honor Guard review.