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Written by: Rik

Date posted: June 28, 2015

PSP owners got their own version of Need for Speed: Carbon, subtitled Own the City. Like many PSP games, it was a similar-looking but visually compromised version of its big brother, with a slightly different story and structure.

We’re spared the likes of Darius here, but the story is equally lightweight, and is told via a series of stills that involve repeated shots of a perennially open-mouthed character called Sara. Although the basic concepts of being part of a ‘crew’, racing with wingmen and taking over territory (‘Own the city’, natch) all remain, the race types are different, and there are no canyon events.

Own the City was one of the first games I owned for PSP, and I rather liked it. It’s certainly tougher than the PC version turned out to be, and the soundtrack is pretty good, too (there’s some common ground between the two games in this regard (Gary Numan!) but I definitely prefer the PSP music overall).