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Written by: Rik

Date posted: August 1, 2005

4D Sports: Driving is no novelty racer. The driving model is sound, you can design some really interesting and challenging tracks, and like all good racers, you can easily find yourself endlessly replaying the same track in order to shave a few extra seconds off your best time. Frankly, though, you’re going to want to try something barmy, too – like seeing if you can jump over three skyscrapers.


1: The editor is pretty strict as to what it considers a “legitimate” track – so you have to trick it. A simple loop like this will suffice.


2: Now, you can do what you want, just to the side of the official circuit. We just want a long stretch of straight road – then a bridge with three tall buildings in the middle.


3: Looks good, doesn’t it? I especially like the imaginative name.


4: Obviously, you need as fast a car as possible – the Indy car has the best top speed.


5: We’re off the main track and onto the long straight – pedal to the metal.


6: Here comes the jump.


7: So, can you make it over three buildings?


8: No.