So I went and got Operation Flashpoint from Good Old Games, which may have been incredibly foolish. I bought it once already, the first time around nine-ish years ago. And I sucked. My attempts usually worked out as:

1: lie prone in cover
2: carefully line up shot against target silhouetted against sky
3: miss
4: get killed by return fire

or when patience failed just

1: run around spraying bullets
2: this is not Commando so,
3: get killed

After failing on about the third mission, over and over, ragequitting and selling it on ebay soon followed. But I want to love this game, as the idea of huge open spaces, freedom of movement, lots of drivable vehicles, planning the best approach for a strike etc is hugely appealing. I’m just not so good with the realistic weapons and dead-in-2-hits (if you’re lucky). So… attempt 2 will happen sometime in the near future.

In non-retro news I also picked up one of the Codemasters sequels, which I’ve heard accusations of being dumbed down a bit, but frankly if that makes them easier to get to grips with, I can handle that.

[edit]Oops, no I didn’t buy it from GoG, but rather Steam under its new name of ARMA: Cold War Assault.