Oh dear another dead blog?

My excuse is I’ve been tied up moving to a new flat and don’t have internets there yet. Rest assured though that we are playing through some oldies which we should see reviewed and discussed in the near future.

Currently working on All New World of Lemmings. Which, er, wasn’t ALL new really but did throw in a few new ideas. And at least fixed that eternally frustrating problem in earlier games, of trying to pick a lem going in the right direction when they’re all bunched into a tiny space. Unfortunately though I think gamers were already suffering Lemming Fatigue after the original, 4 xmas specials, Oh No! and Lemmings 2.

Beyond that I have some more Aged Shooters underway – Heretic (Doom in Tights) and Quake 2 (return to brownland).

Also in the works is King’s quest itself. No, really. Not sure yet if we’ll look at just 1990 remake, or the original itself too.