In our “news you’ve already heard but I figured it needs mentioning here anyway” section

Duke Nukem Forever out next year

In it’s honour here’s a list (last updated last year) of developments in gaming, technology and the real world since the game was first announced 14 years ago. The entire GTA series has happened, Link went 3D, we’ve had about 5 Final Fantasies, and Blizzard went from little sprites of orcs bashing knights to online consumption of entire lives. Gaming hardware has gone from the Playstation, Pentium 2 and first generation 3D cards to quad core monsters. Internet has gone from geocities fansites built in notepad to grabbing your games (legally!) off online services. Meanwhile we all turned from teenagers into (nearly) 30 year olds with careers and stuff. (some people allegedly even get married?!)

So let’s take a moment to salute Duke’s return. If we can actually believe it. I might wait until the game is installed and I’ve played it for 3 hours, before I’m sure.