Another update, another game getting a lukewarm review and score. Some games you know are going to be a bit turdy but when you expect something more and are disappointed, well – it’s rubbish, frankly.

Much as I enjoy squelching through games of all standards and writing about them, it’s nice to be able to eulogise enthusiastically about something once in a while.

The recent release of Fallout 3 has prompted a few retrospectives with gamers and journalists doing just that about the first two games in the series. By all accounts they’re the type of deep, rich and affecting games that prompt people to set up fansites and write retro reviews in the first place.

Unfortunately, my own progress through the first game has stalled. I might go back to it, but my experiences thus far make me fear I just don’t “get it”.

Now, where did I put my copy of Max Payne 2?