So Rockstar have announced GTAV. Here’s some speculation from PSM.

My first thought is, will this be the sort of change we saw from GTAIII to Vice City – same technology but more features? After all there was much we saw cut from VC and San Andreas, like buying property or SA’s RPG style skills system, that we might wish to see put back in (personally I care more about the former than the latter).

However incrementing the numeral suggests a whole new engine\graphics upgrade, I’m not sure they’d do that *and* add substantial gameplay features?

(sidenote, I’d be happy for them to ditch the one side-feature GTAIV did have, ie people calling you up demanding to go bowling).

Also I’m wondering if it’ll address the odd sort of dichotomy that came up GTAIV.

GTAIV the story – Nico Bellic, a former soldier haunted by his past, seeks a new start in America. But he remains tragically trapped in a world of crime and violence, culminating in the death of someone close to him.

GTAIV gameplay – hi tech murder simulator as you run over 40 people, find this terribly humorous, then shoot up the cops that come after you.

You could say this disconnect started earlier in the series, I just felt it more in GTAIV which tried for a more grim and gritty story than the slight cartoonishness of before.

Anyway, I appreciate no-one would come to this crappy blog for news on the latest games, I just kinda want to update more often and this seemed like a good opportunity for a post. From our retro-gaming perspective, we’ve shied away from GTA (after the early installments) pretty much for the same reason we’ve not looked at Doom or Diablo2 – pretty much everyone into PC gaming will have played it and have an opinion of their own already. But, eh, I picked up GTAIII for £2 on steam the other day so a review could still happen eventually.