My recent spell playing The Games: Summer Challenge confirmed something I already knew – in games, when people fall over, are thrown from something that’s moving, or just generally are involved in an accident, I find it very, very funny indeed.

Although I’ve always enjoyed the scripted humour of certain LucasArts adventures, for me, they haven’t provided me with too many laugh-out-loud moments. But get me on the Equestrian on Summer Challenge and I’ll be giggling childishly every time the horse refuses to jump and my rider ends up on the ground.

Epyx’s similarly-titled The Games: Summer Edition is also a bit of a laugh, especially the diving event, where you can send your blockily-rendered athlete flopping into the pool feet-first. I played it again recently and it sent me into a fit of giggles audible enough to prompt my girlfriend to come into the room to ask what was so funny. Imagine her dismay when she witnessed the jerky 16-colour spectacle lurching around on our new (relatively) expensively-acquired computer accompanied by an assortment of bleeps and squelches from the PC speaker.


Motorcycle games also provide some decent slapstick. The largely joyless experience of playing Road Rash was given a much-needed boost each and every time you decided to overtake on a hill and lost an argument with an oncoming taxi.

Recent trawling through bargain-bins saw me pay £1 for MotoGP 2 (which was apparently big-ish on XBox a few years ago) and that hasn’t disappointed in this regard – especially with me being quite crap at it.


Anyone else experience something similar? Any unscripted moments that have had you laughing out loud into a cold and empty room, or provoking housemates or family members to deride you as “a sad bastard”?