Stumbled across this completely by accident: Ascendancy for iOS

Originally an MS-DOS title from 1995, Ascendancy is a space-based 4X strategy game – the sort where you colonise worlds, build up an infrastructure, build a stack of warships and go conquering other civilisations. It’s actually somewhat flawed, for one thing the AI is lamentably dumb and limited. Still I had a lot of fun with it – distinctive artwork and music, detailed ship design options. And you have to love it when you get to build a weapon called a Long Range Orbital Whopper. Go read our review if you like. I wrote that ages back but the conclusions mostly still stand.

I can’t comment as to how well Ascendancy handles on iDevices, although I imagine the interface should work fine on a touchscreen. Also I’m glad to see the Logic Factory are still around, given how since Ascendancy they’ve only released one game, and that was in 97. (the odd-looking Tone Rebellion, which I intend to play and review sometime).