Go back to Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

Written by: Rik

Date posted: February 27, 2007

Before you can even think about getting your hands on ‘Big Whoop’, or worrying about the return of LeChuck, you have to figure out a way to get off Scabb Island. The governor, a pint-sized bully by the name of Largo LaGrande, has placed an embargo on ships leaving the island, and although finding a ship to charter isn’t a problem, the ship’s captain won’t consider leaving until you’ve managed to figure a way around it.


1: Largo soon introduces himself, and it’s clear he’s not the sort of person who can be reasoned with. After demanding a ‘small fee’ for crossing the bridge, he gives Guybrush a bit of a kicking and nicks off with all of your money.. You’d better take that shovel.


2: If you head into town and talk to a few people, they all seem to share the same opinion of Largo. They also keep mentioning that a voodoo doll wouldn’t be a bad idea. Get to it.


3: Leave the town and head out to the swamp to chat to a familiar character – the Voodoo Lady from the first game. She’ll tell you what ingredients she needs to put together a voodoo doll of Largo: something of the head, something of the thread, something of the body and something of the dead. Better get to it.


4: You may as well do the easy ones first. Head out to the cemetery and look at some of the headstones to discover that Largo’s grandfather is buried here. Time to get digging…


5: Go back into the town and downstairs into the bar. If you’ve been here already you’ll have seen Largo come in and throw his weight around before gobbing on the wall. If you haven’t, well, that’ll happen now. Go to the cartographer’s office and pick up some blank paper, then return to the bar and scrape up the spit.


6: Go to the inn and you’ll find out that Largo lives in a room there. You’ll need to get in there, but obviously the innkeeper won’t allow it. To create a distraction head back towards the bar, but instead of going through the main entrance, you can jump through an open window which takes you straight into the kitchen. Pick up the knife and head back to the inn, and use the knife to set the innkeeper’s pet lizard free. You can now get into Largo’s room; pick up the toupee.


7: Three ingredients down, but the remaining one is the trickiest. Largo doesn’t seem to have any clothes lying around in his room, so you’ll need to find some other way of getting hold of something that he’s worn. Hmm, the dry-cleaning place might be a good place to start – although we need to get Largo to put something in for cleaning first. Talk to the pirates and ask if you can borrow their bucket. Then go to the swamp and use the bucket there to fill it with mud. Now head back to Largo’s room, close the door and balance the bucket on the edge of the door. Largo gets the bucket stuck on his head, but more importantly, all his clothes are now dirty. Head to the dry-cleaners and watch Largo check some clothing in. Mad Marty won’t give you anything without a claim ticket, so go back to Largo’s room and pick it up. Return to the dry-cleaners and redeem the ticket to be presented with a piece of his, erh, underwear.


8: After all that hard work, the Voodoo Lady informs you that some of the ingredients weren’t of optimum quality. She can make a Voodoo Doll, but in order for it to work, you need to use it while in close proximity to the man himself. Dammit.


9: Actually, getting close to him is easy enough – you just have to go back to his room at the inn. Once Largo shows up, use the pins with the doll and he’ll promise to leave the island. Unfortunately, during the verbal sparring that follows, Guybrush boasts about his defeat of LeChuck and inexplicably allows Largo to look at his ‘evidence’ – LeChuck’s beard. Largo nicks off with it, muttering something about bringing LeChuck back from the dead. Anyway, no need to worry about that now…


10: Now you can leave the island. Oh, wait, no you can’t. I lied earlier about the ‘chartering a ship’ bit being easy. For starters, you don’t even have any money. Anyway, you’ll have to figure the rest out for yourself – or look at a more comprehensive walkthough, you filthy cheat.