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Written by: Rik

Date posted: June 2, 2007

Perhaps we’ve rambled on a bit too much about George Stobbart already on this site – but then again, perhaps we haven’t. Anyway, as we noted in our brief history of adventure games, Revolution gave George a bit of a makeover for Broken Sword 3, refashioning him as a stubbly, Indiana-Jones type, which was appropriate considering the action/adventure stylings of the game itself.

To an extent, this process actually began in this game. We’ve already mentioned how George is significantly less annoying in this game than in the original, but his appearance is also slightly different too. Yes, he still sports the same dweeby green cardigan/beige trousers combo that we all know and love, but he seems to have visited a gym and improved his posture since the first game. The difference isn’t that obvious, and although my attempts to find a couple of screenshots for comparison didn’t bring up anything to back up my point, it’s definitely there.

Ahem. Anyway, whether you go along with this or not, normality is soon restored when George and Nico make their first sojourn abroad and our hero turns up in the most ridiculous outfit, best described as ‘prick on holiday’. Is he the first central character in a game to wear shoes without socks? Now, we do have a picture of this (left).

Nico, meanwhile, at least gets to do a bit more than she did in the original, during which she spent significant amounts of time sitting on her arse giving you not-very-useful advice. She, too, seems to have undergone a slight transformation since the last game, with the gravelly delivery of her lines suggesting she’s developed a pretty serious cigarette habit. There’s no smoking in the game though, and when you examine the contents of her handbag, there are no Gitanes to be found. Perhaps they just changed the voice actor who plays her… (you THINK? – FFG reader)