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Written by: Rik

Date posted: November 10, 2011

You’ll occasionally need to use one of your weapons, known as the ‘Icepick’, to hack a computer terminal and turn off automated security such as cameras, turrets and guard-bots.

If you’re feeling creative, though, you can also choose to take control of a turret and blast unsuspecting enemies with their own equipment. The Icepick can also be fired at enemy robots, allowing you to take control of them from a remote location.

You’re unlikely to find a subtle use for this ability, but it is quite a good way to cause mayhem in the middle of a firefight without taking any damage yourself – as long as you’ve got a good hiding place, that is.

A final thing to consider is that Icepick ammo is limited, and unlike the plentiful refills for your guns and grenades, you won’t find too many lying around in crates. On one or two levels it’s worth considering the best use of what you’ve got before you start hacking everything in sight.