Go back to Max Payne

Written by: Rik

Date posted: August 8, 2007

Okay, so bullet-time is pretty awesome, and you can pull off some pretty impressive moves, but unfortunately, and for obvious reasons, the action in Max Payne isn’t quite so expertly choreographed as The Matrix. Perhaps an expert player, with a few completed games under his (or her) belt and with a pretty decent memory, could pull off a brilliant non-stop kill fest, but for the rest of us, there’s inevitably going to be the odd crap moment.

When you first start playing (and more importantly, before you get the hang of using bullet-time), you’ll look like an even bigger doofus than when Keanu Reeves tries to jump from one skyscraper to another. You’ll dive, in slow-motion, straight into door-frames, crates and, worst, gun-toting bad guys, and when you get up you’ll probably have a bullet in your head.

Clearly, with practice, you’ll get better, but even though you’ll largely avoid the more stupid moments outlined above, instances of brilliant slow-motion gunplay remain the exception rather than the rule. Still, even though some of your sideways dives through doorways may achieve precisely nothing, you can always hit the quickload key and go back and make a more impressive entrance. You ponce.