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Written by: Rik

Date posted: January 27, 2007

The driving sections of the game are only useful in certain circumstances. However, they can be of some help when you’re after a suspect in a city but don’t happen to know the location of that suspect’s organisation. In fact, this can be bloody annoying – here’s how to deal with such a situation. 

1: Go to the data section at the CIA and look up the organisation in question. You might not know where they’re based in the city, but you may know where their allies are located.


2: If you’re in luck, go to the hideout and wait. Eventually you spot someone leaving the building. Is it our suspect? Well, if you’re a good spy, you should know straight away, but luckily you can check your data.


3: It could be the dodgy graphics or my bad memory but no matter what the individual characteristics of a suspect, my mind always goes blank at this point. Anyway, this is the person we want.


4: Time to choose a vehicle. It may not be very James Bond, but I always favour the inconspicuous shitheap (that looks like a Datsun).


5: Follow the suspect until he or she stops at a building. Alternatively, you could just place a tracking device on the car, but then you’d miss out on this brilliant grey maze.


6: Time to break in and do the business. By which I mean arrest the suspect, not defecate on the floor.


7: Success! She’s now in jail and the world is a safer place.


Reader question: What happens if you don’t know where your target organisation’s allies are located in a city, either?

I don’t understand the question. In fact, no more reader questions. Especially those regarding the integrity and usefulness of our mini-walkthroughs.