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Written by: Rik

Date posted: July 31, 2011

While you can survive a combat encounter with the Alpha Sections, it’s certainly not recommended. They’ve got lasers guns, shields and giant mallets – and you don’t. Faced with two or three enemies, Jade has pretty much no chance of winning, so sneaking around is often the only viable option.

Still, there is a way to take out an unsuspecting Alpha Section trooper, owing to a fairly sizable weakness in their armour. If you can hit the yellow oxygen tanks on their back, they’ll start to stagger about blindly, allowing you to dispatch them with ease. You can sneak up behind them and deliver a swift blow to the oxygen tank, but this will only work if you’re out of sight of other Alpha Sections who might spot you and raise the alarm.

Another approach is to use your disc launcher to hit the oxygen tanks from a distance, but again, there’s a problem if other Alpha Sections are around, as they soon notice a colleague in trouble and can repair any damage to the oxygen tank rather quickly. Ideally, in the process of providing assistance they’ll turn their back on you, allowing you to take them out as well.