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Have you come to serve the horde?

Last year I discussed nostalgia servers on world of warcraft. These allow people to revisit the game in its original state, before over a decade’s worth of updates and expansions were applied. For a few years now unofficial nostalgia servers have been popping up, and sometimes getting shut down by Blizzard lawyers. Now however it […]

Returning to the past in World of Warcraft

Via RPS: Blizzard On Vanilla WoW Servers I’ve occasionally considered talking about World of Warcraft here; it was released in the tail end of 2004 which does makes it older than some of the other games we’ve reviewed. It felt a bit wrong to speak of it as an actual old game, though, given how […]


So you might have seen the TV ads for the upcoming warcraft expansion. Yep a huge angry dragon bursts out of the ground, rants a lot about his ENDLESS AGONY, and breaks the world. Apart from new content for current max-level players, a major theme of this expansion is re-working much of the existing content. […]

I fail at old games

Since I’ve greatly enjoyed Warcraft 3, I look forward to writing about it for our site. However, while now a budget title and thus viable material for our attention, it’s still relatively young. So I thought we should do this properly and go right back to the first Warcraft, and play through them in order. […]