So you might have seen the TV ads for the upcoming warcraft expansion.

Yep a huge angry dragon bursts out of the ground, rants a lot about his ENDLESS AGONY, and breaks the world. Apart from new content for current max-level players, a major theme of this expansion is re-working much of the existing content. And thus improving the levelling experience, which is now 5+ years old and frankly tedious sometimes (endless “collect 10 kobold tail” quests). So now we have new stories, new quests and a changed land for them to take place in.

So apart from attracting more newbies, it’s incentive for us existing players to go back and start again. I might even be tempted to roll a paladin, which I used to find the dullest of classes, now that Tauren have the option. And then fall into the same old routines of running dungeons for badges till 1am, and obsessively chasing achievements.

Or I could just take a break and, I dunno, play some old games and write about them. We’ll see! I promise this won’t turn into a warcraft blog though, unless one day I snap and write a lengthy rant about why rogues should all be shot into the sun.