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look at you, hacker

System Shock was, for me, the greatest of the early first-person shooters. Known as the “Thinking Man’s Doom” it was slower paced than most of its peers, with more emphasis on atmosphere, story and exploration. Some of my fondest 90s gaming memories are of prowling around Citadel Station’s executive deck and hangar bays, ion rifle […]

A rare and brave stance taken against crappy fremium games

So a while back I had my first introduction to the world of Fremium gaming, with EA’s Theme-Park for iOS and android. Here’s how it works: you buy rides and shops, which periodically generate either game money or experience points. Pathways are all already in place, and the park is divided into sections that can […]

Brutal Deluxe

So it looks like the latest remake off the line is Speedball 2. I’m pretty sure they’ve tried to do this before, with Speedball 2100 on the PlayStation, which was essentially the same game with blurry textured polygons in place of sprites (at the time this represented an improvement, but it has to be said, […]

Remakes ahoy!

It seems you can hardly move without a remake or Kickstarter-funded ‘reimagining’ being announced at the moment. First up is news of a remake of old Amiga favourite The Chaos Engine (the DOS version of which we reviewed here). My eyes may be deceiving me, but I don’t see what’s so new about it. Another […]

how appropriate, you fight like a cow

So I’ve been playing the Monkey Island special edition a bit. It’s a very close remake – puzzles, dialogue and location all exactly the same. In fact even it’s even closer than that; it feels like the original game re-skinned, matching the animation frame-for-frame. You can even flick between the old and new versions of […]

Some Monkey Island news you’ve probably heard already…

…but it would be remiss of us not to mention it at all. First, Telltale Games, the guys responsible for the resurrection of Sam and Max, have now turned their attention to Monkey Island with the forthcoming Tales of Monkey Island, a brand new adventure featuring Guybrush et al delivered in episodic form. Meantwhile, LucasArts […]


Unofficial Turrican remake Old-skool 2D shooters aren’t something we write about much; the PC wasn’t well-regarded as a platform for such things, and to be honest I don’t think we’d have a lot to say about most of them anyway. As for Turrican itself, I don’t think Turrican itself even got a PC release. Still, […]