…but it would be remiss of us not to mention it at all.

First, Telltale Games, the guys responsible for the resurrection of Sam and Max, have now turned their attention to Monkey Island with the forthcoming Tales of Monkey Island, a brand new adventure featuring Guybrush et al delivered in episodic form.

Meantwhile, LucasArts are producing a ‘special edition’ of the first game, with crisper graphics and voice-acting from the same people who appeared in the later games. Go here for more.

Oh, and Ron Gilbert has a play through his creation for the first time in a while and shares his thoughts on his blog here.

For once, I won’t rattle on. I haven’t played the new Sam and Max so I don’t want to speculate on how I think Telltale’s efforts will fare. I hope they’re good though.

As for the remake, it seems slightly unnecessary, but if it’s what’s required to get Monkey Island back in the shops and a few new people playing it, it’s A Good Thing. I remember a few grumbles about the voice talent chosen Monkey 3 & 4, so this might be a focus point for hardcore grumblers.