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I hate you, Supreme Titans

The other night I sat down for bit of Might and Magic 6, which I started five years ago but have not yet completed. Which may seem a bit ridiculous. Certainly this is personal record for the longest amount of time spent on a single run through a game. The slow progress is due to […]

10 years of Oblivion

It’s strange how our feelings about the passing of time can be inconsistent. See, I’ve pretty much come to terms with Doom being released over twenty years ago. While I still greatly enjoy playing the game, it’s clearly the product of a bygone age, as much a part of the mid 90s as britpop and […]


Hello everyone. I’ve been playing through the fairly obscure action-RPG from 2000 known as Nox, so here are my brief thoughts. I wish I could tell you to ditch Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3 immediately and go play this over-looked classic. Unfortunately, some games are forgotten for fairly good reasons. Still, it’s good to at […]