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Vault of Regret: Formula One

The Vault of Regret is a very large place, which houses dusty old game CDs and boxes, untouched digital libraries, and the metaphysical concepts of remorse and embarrassment. Here we write about all the games we should have played but haven’t, or that we have played but didn’t enjoy, among other things. Declaring an interest […]

Look at that! Look at that!

Lewis Hamilton features in a regular column for BBC Sport Online. I’m not desperately interested in him, or F1 in general, but I have kind of a long commute and there comes a point at which I end up reading every article on the BBC website. Anyway, in a recent piece, hidden amongst the tales […]

And it’s go, go, go

Hello. With the new season starting, I’ve rediscovered my low-level interest in Formula 1. And as such, I took the opportunity to dig out one of my old games for a (sort of) topical update. Check out our review of Formula 1 ’97, mofo!