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The games embargo: (almost) one year on

Readers may or may not remember my vow to not buy any games in 2013. As New Year’s resolutions go, it lasted longer than most, although in the end, I didn’t quite make it. The lure of the Christmas Steam sale, and the prospect of transporting fake manure from fake Grimsby to fake Carlisle in […]

copy of the sun and a yorkie bar on standby

Hello everyone. Tonight we have another guest piece from the J-Man, all about the exciting world of driving lorries. Or trucks, if you prefer. So go have a read about Euro Truck Simulator. Then when you’re done have a look around his own site, the rather fantastic Just Games Retro, which is stacked full of […]

Keep on trucking

A few years ago I reviewed a game called King of the Road. My main motivation for doing so was that it seemed like quite an original idea, and the prospect of doing some normal, open-world driving without distractions like speed boosts, handbrake turns and jumps was fairly appealing. Unfortunately the game was a bit […]